I have a great pleasure in the creation of visual imagery to convey a message whether it be in advertising or a painting. Over the last few years I have trained myself in the Adobe packages firstly with after fx with my interest in special effects, then Photoshop and recently Flash and Indesign.

Using Photoshop and Illustrator was my first true test in creating graphics for a real world use, during my internship with Enternships.com. It is here that I created adverts, twitter and facebook social media content and front end web page design. This was essential in learning what works and what doesn't in engaging an audience.

I am currently working part time as a graphic designer, copywriter and social media manager at tripbod.com. Instead of only doing one role I feel that having skills in all aspects of the creative process is effective as copy and graphics do not work in isolation when the customer sees an advert or reads an article. Here is the blog I maintain: http://blog.tripbod.com

I am also quite adventurous in my own entrepreneurship pursuits as I have created my own youtube channel, which since 2010 has been a source of revenue: http://www.youtube.com/user/MysterySparkStudios.
As you can see in the about section on the channel, the channel has amounted over 21 million views. I believe that this is a result of my progressive attitude and interest in all things digital, which the new generation of entrepreneurs and content creators understand.

I have as of June 2013 graduated with a 2:1 in History at UCL, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world ranked 4th in the world numerous years in the QS world rankings. The high requirements for analytic thinking, understanding of different societies and cultures around the globe, and knowledge of how trends change has certainly enhanced the way I would approach the outcome of the message my designs want to convey to the viewer.


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